Is Your Accountant In Your Corner?

There are two types of accountants.

  • The first enters numbers and files tax returns.
  • The second treats your business as if it was their own. Not only fighting for every dollar you’re entitled but helps you manage and grow your business.

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  • Do you receive the service you deserved from your current accountant?
  • Are you up to date with all your tax obligations?
  • Is the Tax Office chasing you for unpaid GST, PAYGW or Income Tax and you don’t know where to turn?
  • Do you need assistance to simplify your record keeping and manage your bookkeeping?
  • Do you need an accountant you can trust who will anticipate your needs and exceed your expectations?

Although we are more concerned with the profitability of your business, reality dictates that statutory compliance work (financial statements, income tax returns, company secretarial work if applicable) must be completed and lodged with the appropriate authorities as required.

There may be substantial penalties imposed by the ATO for late lodgement of income tax and BAS returns and payment of any resulting liability.

It is our normal policy to encourage the principals or staff of clients to maintain the accounting records of the business. This reduces the costs that we would otherwise charge.  Likewise, if a bookkeeper is required, we will usually be involved in the process. Also selecting an appropriate person and monitoring the performance of the bookkeeper. We can also provide one of our bookkeepers to do your work if appropriate.