I have pleasure recommending Control Your Business for your accounting and financial management needs.  Like many businesses these days, we became so immersed in the day-to-day demands of our business that we took our eyes of the financial management, planning and compliance aspects. It was fast spiralling out of control.  When I first heard the name of Graeme’s business on the radio it really struck a chord with me and after our first meetings we were very impressed with their services offering and proactive, strategic approach.  That was almost a year ago, and we can finally say we are back on track.  I can’t tell you how much of a weight has been lifted off our shoulders!  We can’t recommend them highly enough.

Kevin Clark – Director – Sellanes Clark & Associates Pty Ltd

Graeme was an invaluable asset to me with well informed guidance and expertise in these matters.  He also sourced and advised me regarding other professionals to use for areas outside his expertise 

Jennifer O’Neill – Director – O’Neill Physiotherapy Pty Ltd

Graeme Beveridge is a rare and unique negotiator and problem solver. I have observed him successfully negotiate with his client’s opponents, the Australian Taxation Office and other lawyers in resolving complex business and taxation issues. Graeme has a passion for dispute resolution and in structuring client’s affairs to achieve long term growth and success. “

Rachel Clarke – Partner – Hogan Geikie Poole Lawyers – Penrith

After going through the heartache and pressure of bankruptcy for nearly 5 years it was a pleasure to finally find someone who understood the whole process, because most, so called professionals, do not. 

Every individuals case has different twists and nuances and you need a friend on your side who can calmly and rationally set you on the right path, and then coordinate and negotiate an acceptable solution between the trustee, your creditors and yourself.

Graeme Beveridge from Control Your Business is just that man.

He negotiated very acceptable, and most of all, affordable settlements for me with five banks and numerous creditors. Original debts totalling over $9 million were reduced to a fraction of that amount and my Bankruptcy was finally able to be annulled.

When you need a friend call Graeme at Control Your Business.


Graeme Beveridge has been my ‘accountant’ for about 4 years, though I consider the word ‘accountant’ to be a loose description of what he means to me as the owner of a small family business and to my business. Graeme has become a trusted advisor on all facets of my business. He is a consummate professional, someone who believes in and delivers a holistic approach to dealing with the needs of a client, from simple taxation compliance matters to more complicated and sensitive management and strategic decision-making issues for a business. I can be quite direct in saying that I wouldn’t have my business today if it weren’t for Graeme, potentially, without his help, I more than likely would have been forced into bankruptcy. I remember clearly looking at his website before I called him and noted the comments on how to ‘control your business’, and in the end, for me, it was more like ‘save your business’.


CYB can be relied upon to provide exemplary accounting services for personal and company taxation, statutory reporting, investment and banking. Without exception we have experienced from Graeme Beveridge open and honest communication, integrity, availability and a thorough professional service, all with the utmost confidentiality.

Mark Upton

We have been clients of Graeme Beveridge for more than 38 years and in that time, he has acted as both accountant and business advisor in the varied businesses we have conducted over those years. The sometimes difficult task of dealing with banks has been made so much easier with his expertise in that area and in a time of hardship Graeme’s support and expertise in dealing with both the lending bank and a high-profile accountancy/auditor firm in Sydney and liaising with our rural advisor was invaluable. Although now retired we continue to retain him to look after our affairs and value his advice. 

Geoff & Margaret

I was having plenty of problems with cash flow in my business. I was struggling to pay bills, tax and wages. My accounting and management processes were in a shambles due to the poor performance of past accountants and my own shortcomings as a business manager. I knew I had a great business with excellent growth potential, however running it efficiently and getting the most out of it was becoming an unreachable dream. Then I met Graeme Beveridge from Control Your Business. Graeme helped me take control and put processes in place to more effectively manage my accounts and cash flow. He also trained my staff and showed me how to be a better manager. Graeme has changed my entire outlook on business by simply streamlining my set up and allowing me to get the most out of my income. My cash flow is much healthier, my tax bill is much lower, and I am in such great shape that my business is worth a great deal more than when we started the process. I’m prospering in business and life because Graeme helped me take control of my business.


Graeme advises and assists his clients as in a variety of areas including accounting, business consultancy, business restructuring and alternative dispute resolution processes. Graeme is also experienced at representing clients during commercial negotiations and business transactions. We have had cause to be involved with Graeme in relation to a number of transactions and disputes including assisting a client through legal cost assessment applications in the Supreme Court of New South Wales, negotiating business sale transactions in a semi-litigious context and licensing arrangements. We consider that Graeme’s strength lies in the context of management of disputes, and dispute resolution generally. Graeme excels as a relationship coordinator for his clients with other advisors in the dispute resolution process to secure an efficient and expedient outcome for his clients. Graeme also provides invaluable input and assistance in the compilation of evidence for his clients as part of the dispute resolution processes.

Denis Barlin Barrister – 13 Wentworth Selborne Chambers Sydney

Since 1999 I have worked closely with Graeme Beveridge in my capacity as Managing Director of the Australian subsidiary of an International IT Security company and subsequently as the MD of my own similar business. While Graeme has been responsible for all Accountancy, Taxation and other normal statutory company requirements he has also played an important role as Advisor to both myself and the companies that I control. Graeme will always make himself available (including evenings and weekends) and I have found his advice and assistance invaluable. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in many aspects of business as well as ensuring that his technical advice is both timely and accurate. He does not hesitate to seek advice from specialists if the need arises. I would gladly recommend Graeme to anyone in business that needs a “helping hand”.

Sladj Jovic

It is with pleasure that I provide the following reference for Graeme Beveridge who I have known since May 1987. In my roles as Financial Controller, General Manager and Director of Vocational & Technical Training Corporation (VTTC) and its subsidiary, Labax International, in the period between May 1987 and November 1998, I worked closely with Graeme to ensure our business had a rock solid reporting and compliance system in place. VTTC was involved in securing and implementing turnkey equipment supply projects in South-East Asia, predominantly in Indonesia. Projects were complex requiring VTTC to deal with Government bodies in Australia and the Buyer’s country, dealing with up to 70 equipment suppliers, service providers such as Universities and employment of project managers. Graeme greatly assisted VTTC by providing his expertise gained in his extensive background servicing corporate organizations with complex business dealings. Graeme was always co-operative, willing to work to very rigorous timetables and go the “extra” yard in providing his professional services. He brought an independence of thought that was valuable to the company management. I wish Graeme well in his endeavour to assist Australian Companies through “Control Your Business”.


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