We are Certified Xero Partner and have already helped set up multiple clients in Xero as well as providing training and support. Xero Logo Cmyk

What is Xero?

Xero is an easy to use, cloud-based accounting system. For instance, this means no more backing up and transferring data files when you want us to take a look at your current accounting data.

This enables us to login and be looking at the same data as you and provide real-time support and advice.

It also means you can access your data from your phone, tablet or PC, anywhere you have an internet connection. Your data can always be up-to-date.

Why we’ve made the switch!

Here at CYB we believe in keeping your accounting data up-to-date. Making sure you know how your business is operating at any given time. Therefore, as a result, you will then be able to produce meaningful reports from your accounting system to reflect this.

Xero help enable this with it’s automatic bank feeds which connects your bank accounts, allowing for speedy and stress-free reconciliations.

Xero bank feeds automatically import your bank account, credit card or PayPal transactions, giving you instant access to real-time financial data and removing the time-consuming process of manually entering bank transactions. This system will even match your bank transactions automatically with sales and purchase invoices, so you can reconcile your bank account with a single click. So consequently, You can then create custom rules for matching more complex transactions.

With its built-in payroll, invoicing, fixed asset register, expense claims, document storage and reporting there is so much that Xero can do. With the help from the wide range of additional add-ons that integrate directly with Xero the possibilities are almost endless.

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