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Why are you in business?

  • You had a brilliant idea that you thought you could make money from?
  • Your parents (or grandparents) started the family business and it was expected that you would work in it?
  • You were sick of working for someone else – you wanted to be your own boss?
  • Not making enough money on a salary?
  • You thought it would give you more time to spend with the family?
  • You can look forward to a comfortable retirement enjoying the proceeds of your hard work

But are you in control? …or is your business controlling you?

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Our advisory service begins with a complete review that assesses your business structure and performance. Then an evaluation of the health of current processes and systems, profitability, management practices, operational effectiveness and statutory compliance status.

Question we ask in a business review include:

Benefits our clients have secured from the business evaluation process include:
  • Do you have the right people working for you?
  • Is your business presently struggling with inadequate systems and controls?
  • Does your business face serious financial or resource challenges?
  • Is your structure appropriate?
  • Is your tax position ideal?
  • Are your assets protected?
  • Have you an exit strategy?
  • Have you considered your succession planning?
  • Identification of errors in financial statements and tax returns that have resulted in substantial tax refunds. And early warning of operational, financial and other problems;
  • Identifying and correcting deficiencies in accounting systems. Also identifying processes and procedures to provide you with the information that you require.
  • Personnel matters including staff selection, retention and release, performance management, conflict management and leadership development.
  • Negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution services within your organisation.
  • Succession planning – your business should be ready to sell at any time! This give you choices in both voluntary and involuntary exit. These choices are crucial to minimise the stress of transition or sale. Particularly if unforeseen circumstances force an early retirement. Preparing for sale takes time and it is important to make a start as soon as you can.

In summary, CYB can help your business, if you’re in Sydney (Parramatta, Penrith and the surrounding suburbs) or Wollongong.

However we are not restricted to these areas, we are more than willing to travel to you.

All in all, we can help you take back control.